Welcome to DnnContra!

Maybe the first Dnn theme to use the power of Bootstrap 4!

The Dnn Contra theme for Dnn uses Bootstrap version 4. All features of Bootstrap CSS, Components and Javascript can be used within the skin.

To find out more about Bootstrap I would suggest you to read up on the framework and become familiar with it to get the best out of the Bootster theme. Click here to go to the official Bootstrap site.

DnnContra : A free, open source theme for the Dnn Platform

DnnContra : A free, open source theme for the Dnn Platform

Theme information

  • Dnn theme created by Geoff Barlow, DnnConsulting.net
  • Open Source: MIT License
  • Minimum DNN version: 08.00.00+
  • Bootstrap: Bootstrap v4.0.0.apha.6
  • 23 pre-defined accent color variations available
  • 1000's of color variations via the DnnContra color palette
  • Numerious css helpers for shadows, borders, lists etc.
  • All Bootstrap 4 components
  • Flexbox grid system
  • 8 inner page variations available 
  • Layouts: 5 skin layouts:
    • Home skin
    • Inner skin (standard skin)
    • 404 skin (for page not found)
    • Admin skin (for admin pages)
    • Modal skin for popup like the login so that the skin displays correctly on mobile devices
  • Containers: 27. Simple styling that can be adapted to your own style.


How do I get the DnnContra?

The DnnContra theme can be downloaded free on the DnnStore and source can be downloaded from Github. Please choose below which version you would like to use.


Make you life allot easier, use the DnnContra OpenContent templates to easily place your content, sliders, videos and allot more


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1000's of color variations

1000's of color variations

Style you components and content easily with the DnnContra color pallete

Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 4

The Free, open source DnnContra theme for Dnn is the first theme to use the power of Boostrap 4!

Free & open Source

Free & open Source

As always the DnnContra theme is free and is open source for everyone to use

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